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The hospital has made a big step forward by making processes more sustainable by collecting rainwater, eliminating the spilling of water and using the sun to heat water. It also reduced the carbon footprint by making its own oxygen and by recycling the used plastics and glassware. The last hurdle to take is the cleaning of the waste water of the hospital and the surrounding build up area. After the waste water cleaning system has been implemented it will greatly benefit people living near the so-called waste water gulley. The quality of life will be improved because the source of water borne diseases will be eliminated.

In Nepal there are hardly any waste water cleaning facilities. This is also a pilot project showing hospitals and municipalities what can be achieved by making a relatively simply water cleaning facility that can be maintained by local people. The hospital will promote, where possible, this concept of care for the environment and its inhabitants.

As the aim of the hospital is make health care available to poor people, it isn’t able to carry the costs for this waste water system. Therefore, your help is most appreciated.

ing. Ed Kramer



March 2021